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Crystal Pascucci is featured on dozens of albums recorded in the Bay Area in the past three years. She's recorded at Fantasy Studio, Tiny Telephone, Tamalpais Research Institute (TRI Studios), Bird and Egg Recording Studio, New Improved Recording, and may others. She is available for hire as a solo cellist or to create a string section sound through layering. Please contact for rate information.


Ms. Pascucci often writes string arrangements that can be recorded entirely on cello, or with a string section. She is also available to write horn and keyboard arrangements for recording projects. 


2017 Untitled, Aaron Novik
2017 You Had Me at Goodbye, Samantha Crain
2017 Untitled Debut, Cuentos Quartet
2017 Debut, Elizabeth Forster
2016 Undercover Presents, Bjork, Compilation
2016 Untitled, Mary Redente
2016 Conversations, Vol.II Roscoe Mitchell
2016 Starved, Mad Denizen
2016 I We You Me, Oshwa
2016 In Ressurection Bay, Bill Baird
2016 The Machinery of Progress, Tom Heinan
2015 Pact, Scott Johnson
2015 Complicated Matters, Honeydunes

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