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  • Opera Wolf

    March 2012

  • The Bushnell

    Hartford, CT

  • Two Aerials

    West Oakland 2016

  • Classical Performer

    Solo Recital 2009

Classical Performer

Years of classical training has instilled a deep rooted love for baroque, classical, and romantic music. Finding a way to express my most meaningful musical ideas through chamber music is a life time goal.


“One draws more freely on unruled paper” – Morton Feldman 

Composing music that concentrates on timbral development has been my focus for the past two years. I compose using standard notation, graphic scoring and text instruction.


Music that is improvised has a certain life, character, and attentiveness that is unattainable through fixed notation. The performers are engaged in a totally different type of musical experience — one where the future is unknown.


Being a teacher is about inspiring, nurturing and guiding the student. I’ve been teaching cello lessons and improvisation in hopes of enriching the lives of my students with an appreciation and love that will last a life time.