resonance imaging, 2016

for Transient Canvas

"resonance imaging" for bass clarinet and marimba, is a piece of reflection. timbres and rhythms within the piece mimic those heard while undergoing an MRI test. the phrases unfold as a testimony to claustrophobia; claustrophobia caused by being held in that type of medical machine, and the captive feeling caused by illness. illness is unyielding; it has no sense of reasoning or rationality. illness is something i've struggled with all my life. i was diagnosed with Lupus sixteen years ago and it has profoundly shaped my life, personality and perspective. my experiences in MRI machines have been musical ones. i wanted to share some of the many complex rhythms, sounds, feelings and parallels inspired by those experiences. "resonance imaging" was written for Transient Canvas and premiered on January 31, 2016 in San Francisco, CA.

 Transient Canvas
Guerilla Composers Guild


Moonphase, 2015

for Two Aerials

Moonphase was written for and performed by Two Aerials (Crystal's band that she co-leads with Mark Clifford). although composed with indie rock instrumentation and aesthetic, the piece is through-composed. the lyrical content was influenced by and addresses grief - saying goodbye and coping with loss, while comforting loved ones. rhythmically driving, the song is propelled by triplets against duple subdivisions, in addition to a large 5-against-6 phasing section. the instrumentation is for cello, voice, vibraphone, synth, drums, amplified prepared piano and crotales.   

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Solo Set, Section 1, 2015

Switchoard Presents Concert

this solo set was based on a loose structure. the show was at the center for new music in san francisco, feature on the switchboard presents music series. i used a looping pedal and was amplified. notes and rhythms were freely improvised.

• Switchboard Presents
• Center for New Music